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EVENT: Webinar – Understanding Carbon Offsets

Posted by Jennifer Woofter on October 2, 2007

Today, Americans introduce roughly 6 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually – over 25% of the 20 billion tons released worldwide – exacerbating the effects of global warming. Government initiatives such as the Kyoto Protocol attempt to curtail the impacts, but these initiatives are still years away from reaching full fruition. In the absence of effective government regulation, public demand for action has put a value on projects that reduce emissions, which in turn generate emission reduction credits. These credits are then used in carbon offsetting efforts.

Carbon offsetting is a relatively new concept for most people and, as such, has generated a good amount of debate. While simple at first glance, the market mechanisms supporting the generation and sale of offsets, as well as the way in which this activity results in actual emission reductions, are somewhat complicated. That’s why we are pleased to offer:

Understanding Carbon Offsets, An Online Webinar

Location: Online, At Your Desktop
Cost: $50
Sign Up: Here

In this webinar we will explore how emission reduction credits are generated, tracked, and “retired”. At the end of this webinar, you will:

— Have a clear understanding of the voluntary carbon offset market;
— Understand how carbon credits are generated, traded, and “retired;”
— Know how to accurately quantify an organization’s carbon footprint;
— Be able to identify key criteria for procurement of high quality, unassailable carbon offsets;
— Possess the ability to take an organization carbon neutral.

This webinar is co-hosted by Alex Szabo of, a company dedicated to accelerating the transition to sustainability in the workplace. Through the online sale of green office products, expert sustainability consulting, and strategic carbon offsetting, works to make office greening easy and cost effective.


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