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NEWS: SSC President Jennifer Woofter Featured in the Maryland Daily Record

Posted by Jennifer Woofter on January 28, 2008

It seems everywhere you turn these days, “green” is the new color of business. But how effective are specific eco-initiatives? And are these programs going to make a significant difference, or are they just window dressing?

Last week I was delighted to take a closer look at several local businesses and opine on how far their eco-commitments go. Here’s the context:

The Daily Record was curious about which “green” strategies really help the environment, so we spoke to five Maryland businesses that have touted their environmental bona fides. We compiled lists of their environmentally friendly policies and then ran them by a panel of environmental experts, who weighed in on what works.

Joining me on the panel of experts were Joel Makower, chairman and executive editor of and Greener World Media Inc. and Jane Wolfson, director of the Environmental Science and Studies Program at Towson University since 1998.

We looked at five businesses in the Washington, DC area and evaluated their environmental programs and commitments. We think you’ll find the results interesting–whether its realizing that a law firm is making a strong pledge on climate change, or discovering cupcakes baked to perfection using wind power.

Check out the entire article here for inspiration on how companies of all shapes and sizes are making “green” a reality.


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