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NEWS: SSC Helps Companies “Get thoroughly Green”

Posted by dbuhrau on October 18, 2008

Strategic Sustainability Consulting was featured in this month’s Entrepreneur magazine with SSC President Jennifer Woofter quoted in the article “Get Thoroughly Green.” The following is a brief summary.

Fowler Printing and Graphics, a growing company in Randolph, Massachusetts has made an impressive start in it’s commitment to go green. From recycling 3 tons of paper a week to using eco friendly inks, the company’s green goals are integrated into every level of the business and they’re not alone.  Companies, such as Levi and American Apparel, are realizing that to remain competitive they need to green their entire production cycle.

Retail giant Wal-Mart’s Sustainability 360 initiative is destined to drive sustainability into the small business sector sooner rather than later. Jennifer Woofter, President of Strategic Sustainability Consulting, a firm that helps companies create green strategies, believes small companies have an advantage in taking their production cycles green. “It is always easier and more cost effective to think about being green at the beginning, rather than come up with a traditional product and traditional business model and then try to overlay green, she says.

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