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NEWS: SSC Launches New Website, Moves Blog to New Home

Posted by Jennifer Woofter on April 29, 2009

We’re delighted to announce that our website facelift is complete! Go to to see all the upgrades and new info – it’s been months in the works and we’re really proud of the way it’s turned out. One thing you do need to know: we’ve moved our blog over from WordPress so please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds with this new information:

SSC Blog:
RSS Feed:

Other things to note: we’ve launched a podcast service! Every week we’ll be publishing a new interview with a sustainability consultant. This week, we have Dave Nelson of Nelson Sustainability discussing how to talk to executives about sustainability, and next week we’ll feature our interview with Jessica Vreeswijk of talking about–what else–Green IT.

SSC Podcast:
RSS Feed:

And now you can also get a feed of SSC events on your RSS reader!

SSC Events:
RSS Feed:

Finally, did you know that we’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter? Come connect with us!

Facebook – we just created a Facebook page in April, and so it’s a little bare. But become a member today and help us create great content! We’ll be adding information on a regular basis – plus, it’s a fun way to see what people at SSC are up to in a less formal atmosphere.

LinkedIn – if you’re a sustainability consultant, join the SSC Consultant Network group on LinkedIn. We’ve currently got more than 100 members, and post upcoming events, projects, and job offers.

Twitter – Jennifer is experimenting with Twitter and enjoying the challenge of communicating in 140 characters or less. Follow her to find out what a “day in the life of a sustainability consultant” looks like!


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